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Vertical Circuit Switchers

Circuit Switchers – Vertical (CSV, CSV-CB-DB)

Southern States CSV (“candlestick”) circuit switcher, with vertical interrupters, expands Southern States circuit switcher line to fit shrinking substation space requirements. The CSV brings circuit breaker capabilities into the circuit switcher market. The primary application for the CSV is the switching and protection of power transformers. Additional applications include switching and protection of shunt reactors, bus, and transmission lines.

Southern States disconnect switches can be integrated with the CSV on a common structure or platform. Most common designs include an integral double sidebreak “Vee” switch (model CSV-DB) or an integral center break “Vee” switch (model CSV-CB). These switches can be specified by the customer to be either manually operated or motor operated.

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  • Compared to dead tank circuit breakers, circuit switchers have a significantly smaller footprint and utilize significantly less SF6
  • Simple, easy erection minimizes field installation time required.
  • Structure baseplate can have its hole locations and hole sizes varied when required to fit existing foundation locations and anchor bolt sizes.
  • Gas density switch with low pressure alarm and low pressure lockout contacts allow remote gas monitoring.
  • Local visual indication of gas system by an SF6 pressure gauge.
  • Ships with minimal gas pressure for safety during transportation and in handling during installation.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of installation height requirements and foundation requirements.
  • 4 hole NEMA terminal pads are readily reversible to fit specific installation requirements.
  • Each unit is completely assembled and tested at the factory with only the disassembly required to meet shipment restrictions being performed
Choose Voltage Rating:
Maximum kV Rating27383848.372.53848.372.5
BIL (kV)150200200250350200250350
Continuous Current1200 A & 1600 A1200 A1200 A, 1600 A, 2000 A, 2500 A
Primary Fault Interrupting25 kA25 kA (31 kA*)40 kA
Secondary Thru-Fault Interrupting4 kA4 kA4 kA
Interrupting Time3 cycles5 cycles3 cycles
Power Frequency50/60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Short-Time Withstand25 kA (3 sec)40 kA (3 sec)40 kA (3 sec)
Peak Withstand62.5 kA104 kA104 kA
Short-Circuit Making25 kA40 kA40 kA
Insulator DesignPorcelainCompositePorcelain
Ambient Temperature Range-40º C to +50º C-40º C to +50º C
(-50º C to +50º C optional)**
-30º C to +50º C
* Product can be rated for 31.5 kA interrupting (3 operations)
** -50º C rating is 18 kA (SF6 / N2)