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Auxiliary Switches

AVS-1 & AV-1

The type AVS-1 and AV-1 auxiliary switches can be employed for many purposes, but are used principally for remote indication of line and/or grounding switch positions and to control electrical interlocks. They feature simple linear circuitry and easy adjustment. For adjustment, the entire housing is removed, providing excellent access. Sizes are available from two poles up to eighteen, linkage or gear driven.

The AVS-1 is the best market option to provide long lasting reliability and trouble-free service. For special applications, the AV-1 is available as well. It shares all the features of the type AVS-1, but operates off the vertical pipe directly through gear segments.

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  • Easily accessible
  • Visible make and break points that eliminate the need for a test lamp
  • High dielectric strengths that exceed U.L. requirements for 600 volt equipment
  • Constructed primarily of cast aluminum for maintenance-free durability
120 VAC20 A*Inductive
208 - 240 VAC50 AResistive
24 VDC / 48 VDC50 AResistive
48 VDC20 A*Inductive
125 VDC2 A*Inductive

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