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Intelligent Circuit Sensor

Enhance Your Smart Grid

The ICS® is an intelligent circuit sensor, designed as an enabling technology for high voltage sensor system solutions. The ICS® is designed to operate in the same harsh environments as our transmission substations and power lines and provides information currently not available on transmission networks on an economic and performance scale unrealized until now. ICS® is a key enabling technology for the Southern States Smart Tap®.

Smart Tap®

A high voltage sensor system with fault detection and diagnosis technology, that quickly and correctly identifies the faulted transmission line section, improving transmission line reliability, reducing the transmission line outage area and duration, extending the life of power system equipment, and saving the repair and restoration crew valuable time and energy.

Intelligent Circuit Sensor
Intelligent Circuit Sensor
Intelligent Circuit Sensor
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  • Zero footprint, can be mounted on overhead structures
  • Easy installation and retrofit
  • Compatible with digital relays and RTUs
  • Digital solutions platform for smart algorithms
  • Remotely programmable and configurable

Single-Phase Sensor Ratings and Specifications

Applicable Voltages15kV to 550kV
CommunicationsSerial and Ethernet
ProtocolsDNP 3.0, Modbus
Current SensingUp to 40,000 Amps
Installation Zero foot print, mounts on switch

Single-Phase Tranceiver Ratings and Specifications

Input Voltage12,24,48,125,250 VDC or 120/240 VAC
Input Power40W
Output1A nominal, 20A with system fault
Error3% under normal load conditions
Signal Latency1 cycle
Relay Impedance0.15 Ω maximum
Weight45 lbs. (20kg)
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