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Substation Disconnect Switches

An Industry Leader in Quality & Reliability

With a long standing reputation of quality innovation, Southern States offers a variety of group operated switch design options to best suit each utility’s application. These include vertical break switches, center break switches, double end break switches, side break switches, as well as hookstick switches. Ground switches are also available as stand-alone or attachment devices. In addition to these switches, Southern States also offers switch interrupters, attachments, as well as manual and motor operators. 

Vertical Break Switches

Center Break Switches

Double End Break Switches

Side Break Switches

Ground Switches

Hookstick Switches

Manual & Motor Operators

Magnetically Actuated Close Indicator (MACI)

Switch Interrupter Attachments

AVS-1 & AV-1 Auxiliary Switches

Power Fuses

Switch Fuse Combinations