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Ballistic Protection

Physically Securing Substations and Critical Assets

The Electric Utility Industry has been around for over a hundred years, not at all much longer than Southern States has been providing products to the Utility Industry. During this time, our products and service offerings have evolved based on our customers’ continually changing needs and requirements. This ability and willingness to fill our customers unsupported needs has led us to our newest offering: Ballisti-Wall®.

Developed originally for the Department of Defense, this military grade protection is constructed from multiple layers of woven fiberglass encapsulated with a proprietary resin system that produces a rigid panel with exceptional ballistic resistance. The unique composite matrix of the panels allows for the retention of the projectile and ricochet avoidance, thus providing protection of critical infrastructure facilities and equipment. Standard panel sizes and thickness of 1/4’, 3/8’ and 1/2’ are available. Further, they may be combined for additional protection and to meet the different UL752 performance standards. These lightweight protection products offer ballistic resistant security with the additional performance advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, electrical non-conductivity, and low thermal conductivity.


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Our custom designed modular sections are easily erected and require minimal effort and equipment. Ballistic panels are overlapped and staggered as well as attached to steel or fiberglass wide flange beams to ensure total protection and consistent airflow. Individual panels may also be replaced without removing the entire section.


Our custom designed solution provides protection of individual substation assets such as control houses, breaker/transformer control cabinets, SCADA / communications cabinets and other hard to replace or repair items that are critical for equipment operation. The maximum security design additionally allows for easy installation and removal.

  • Electrically & Thermally non-conductive
  • Electromagnetically transparent
  • Virtually maintenance free, long life cycle materials
  • Ease of installation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durability, high strength to weight ratio
  • Paintable
  • Non-ricochet, retains projectile
  • Custom colors available
  • Lightweight. Approximately 25% the weight of steel
  • Deters line of sight
  • UV Protection
  • Made in the USA



UL-752 RatingUL-752 Ammunition SpecificationsBallistic Panels Standard
AmmunitionGrain(g)Minimum VelocityNumber of ShotsBallistic panels Qty./Level TestedTotal ThicknessWeight lbs/psf
Level 19 mm full metal copper jacket with lead core1248.001,17535831 panel of Level 10.25"2.7
Level 2.357 Magnum jacketed lead soft point15810.201,25038131 panel of Level 20.375"4.0
Level 3.44 Magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked24015.601,35041131 panel of Level 30.5"5.4
Level 4.30 caliber rifle lead core soft point18011.702,54077413 panels of Level 31.5"16.2
Level 57.62 mm Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball1509.702,75083813 panels of Level 31.5"16.2
Level 69 mm full metal copper jacket with lead core1248.001,40042751 panel of Level 20.375"4.0
Level 75.56 mm Rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core553.563,08093953 panels of Level 31.5"16.2
Level 87.62 mm Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball1509.702,75083853 panels of Level 31.5"16.2

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