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Power Fuses

Protection of small power transformers, PTs/SSTs, and capacitor banks

Medium and high voltage power fuses provide a reliable and economical means of protecting small to medium size power transformers, potential transformers, station service transformers, and capacitor banks. The lower installed cost of a power fuse, it’s compact size, and the fact that no auxiliary equipment (batteries, motor drives, protective relays, etc.) is required make it the ideal choice for applications where cost and space are key concerns and infrequent operation is expected.

The robust construction of Southern States Type BP, BPA, and HPA power fuses provide 3 full fault operations before tube replacement is required, a significant savings in total life cost vs. other power fuses which require tube replacement after each fault regardless of fault magnitude.

Southern States power fuses and power fuse kits are available from 7.2kV through 169kV with ratings up to 400 A and interrupting ratings to 40 kA RMS Asymmetrical. Distribution Fuse links are also offered at 27kV and below.

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  • Extra Large Operating Eye
  • High Strength, Fiberglass Tubes
  • Reverse Loop, Amplitact® Contacts On Jaw & Hinge Ends
  • Fully Enclosed Contacts
  • Self-Locking Hinge Assembly
  • Snubber To Cushion Impact When Holder Swings To Open Position After Fuse Operation
  • Holder Removal Socket Accommodates Standard Or Bayonet Head Hookstick
Choose Voltage Rating:
Style MountingVoltages OfferedInterrupting Capacity
(RMS Asymmetrical)
Ampere Rating
BPVertical8.25kV - 72.5kV8 ka - 12 kA100A and 200A
BPAVertical 45° Underhung
Horizontal Underhung
8.25kV - 72.5kV8 kA - 20 kA100A and 200A
45° Underhung
Horizontal Underhung
8.25kV - 169kV12.5 kA - 40 kA100A, 200A, 300A, and 400A