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Line Backer Parts and Service Support

Life Extension and Proven Reliability in the Same Footprint

  • Do you have Line Backers on your system? 

  • Don’t know where to turn for parts and service help?

  • Have they given you problems?

  • Do they still?

Well rest easy because you have come to the right place. As of July, 2000, Southern States acquired the parts and service support of the existing Siemens, Siemens-Allis, and Westinghouse installed base of Line Backer circuit switchers. We provide replacement parts which incorporate all of the many design improvements which have taken place in this product line over the 30 years since its introduction in 1974, eliminating the problems which have been experienced by numerous Line Backer users. Or, alternately, we can supply retrofit/ upgrade/ refurbishment solutions for customers who want to increase their existing Line Backer’s fault interrupting capability up to a full 31.5 or 40 kA (depending on the voltage rating) by providing bolt-for-bolt replacement parts which are a direct drop-in retrofit. Or we can supply a complete replacement circuit switcher while reusing the existing support structures and foundations while bringing the installation up to your desired performance levels of capability; reliability; and long-life, trouble-free service.

Southern States field service engineers are available to provide installation assistance with any new parts purchased, any retrofit/refurbishment/upgrade solution ordered, or any new circuit switcher provided. These same field service engineers can also provide adjustment assistance on existing Line Backers and recommendations regarding part replacements, upgrades, and/or outright replacement of existing Line Backers.

Whatever your Line Backer problem, Southern States stands ready to provide a solution tailored to your specific installation and application need.