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On-Site Services

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working fixing switchers on siteDo you have a tight outage window to install your newly purchased equipment, upgrade kit, retrofit kit, or replacement parts and can’t risk the delays in an on-site learning curve?

Is the equipment you purchased new to your installation crews?

Do you recognize the value in having the manufactures representative on site during installation, adjustment, commissioning or maintenance outages to ensure your equipment is handled per the factory recommended practices and procedures?

Are your O&M crews overloaded and you are having difficulty meeting construction budgets, installation schedules or maintenance cycles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then contact Southern States and put our resources to work for you. We provide a highly trained team of engineers and technicians that are proficient in providing:

  • Installation, adjustment, commissioning, inspection and maintenance supervision or assistance
  • Preventive or corrective maintenance supervision or assistance
  • Training classes for installation, adjustment, commissioning, inspection, and maintenance
  • Turnkey solutions for all steps of the ownership process from initial installation to required maintenance actions