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Whether your needs require only local operation, both local and remote operation, high speed operation, high torque operation, stored energy operation, or other application, Southern States has the operator to fit your requirements.

Manual Operators

Southern States offers different types of manual operators: the manual swing handle operator, the HOGO manual gear operator, and the SEGO (Safety Enhanced Gear Operator). The SEGO manual operator was developed to provide self locking action which prevents back driving of the handle while operating. Operating demo video available.

Unless customer specified, Southern States selects the manual operator based on the switch break type,kV rating, continuous current rating, accessories (such as whip type arcing horns, load break/loop break/line drop interrupters, etc.), mounting position, mounting height, and other factors.

Motor Operators

Southern States motor operators offer the ability to perform automated switching both at the substation and from a control center. A wide variety of output torques and operating speeds are available to cover the many different switch types and ratings from Southern States and other switch manufacturers. An equally large variety of accessories, both standard and optional, are available for these motor operators, and many different voltages, both AC (115 VAC, 230 VAC, and others) and DC (24 VDC, 48 VDC, 125 VDC, 250 VDC) are available. Like its manual counterpart the HOGO gear operator, the Southern States type VM-1 and type VM-1SE motor operators are both commonly supplied to other switch manufacturers to drive their switches as well as into the aftermarket to automate existing switches, both present and past.

Choose Voltage Rating:
Style MountingVoltages OfferedInterrupting Capacity
(RMS Asymmetrical)
Ampere Rating
BPVertical8.25kV - 72.5kV8 ka - 12 kA100A and 200A
BPAVertical 45° Underhung
Horizontal Underhung
8.25kV - 72.5kV8 kA - 20 kA100A and 200A
45° Underhung
Horizontal Underhung
8.25kV - 169kV12.5 kA - 40 kA100A, 200A, 300A, and 400A