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Innova STS – Sub-cycle Transfer Switch

In the past, power quality was an afterthought. But in today’s dynamic landscape, where the grid and consumer needs are evolving rapidly, ensuring uninterrupted power flow is paramount.

Experience uninterrupted operation with our cutting-edge Innova STS

Minimize disruptions, protect your bottom line, and elevate your operational efficiency —all with one innovative solution.

Innova STS Benefits

This state-of-the-art Sub-cycle Transfer Switch designed to keep your operations running seamlessly, even in the face of voltage fluctuations offers the following benefits:

Maximize Uptime and Productivity

The fastest MV power transfer available, capable of switching MWs in milliseconds, adheres to IEEE 446 compliance, ensuring reliability according to the CBEMA curve, all to maximize uptime and productivity. This proven technology boasts a track record of over 25 years, guaranteeing efficient and dependable performance.

Reduce Operating Costs

Achieve a fast Return On Investment (ROI) with our solution, which not only offers lower upfront costs compared to UPS systems but also ensures minimal operating expenses through low maintenance requirements. This approach not only maximizes uptime and productivity but also helps reduce operating costs significantly.

Environmentally Clean

Opt for our environmentally clean solution featuring medium voltage technology without the need for transformers, eliminating the use of large energy storage elements that require maintenance or disposal. Additionally, our system is air cooled, ensuring sustainability while minimizing environmental impact.


With its capability of switching seamlessly from the preferred source to an alternate within milliseconds, it’s perfect for critical applications such as:


Data Centers



Industrial Parks

Critical Facilities

Operating principle

The Innova STS is designed for large commercial and industrial power consumers who have access to two or more independent medium voltage power feeds. The system detects sags, swells, momentary and sustained interruptions, and automatically transfers the load to the alternate power feed in milliseconds.

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