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Southern States Recloser

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Southern States’ reclosers are economical, vacuum switching solutions that offer greater reliability to a distribution system. Their configurable designs can be deployed by utilities as a sectionalizer or a recloser. Controls are available with SEL 751, 351R, 651RA, 651R2, or Beckwith M7679 programmable automation controllers.

Recloser Installation Video

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In this video, we demonstrate a typical installation process of the Southern States’ recloser as performed by one of our cooperative utility customers.

Mobile Substations

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Overall reliability is a critical focus for utilities across North America, creating the need for solutions and equipment that can support the grid during times of emergency or occasional planned outages. Taking proactive measures to address these potential vulnerabilities is, therefore, vital to ensure a resilient network that minimizes customer interruption frequency and duration. Southern States, with over 100 years experience integrating high voltage switching equipment, has worked to address this initiative by designing mobile solutions that are specifically tailored to our customer’s unique applications. These mobile substations and auxiliary trailers can provide immediate cost savings to a utility’s network, offering expedited restoration times as well as operational flexibility when multiple location sites are impacted by severe weather or equipment damage.

Auxiliary Trailers

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Southern States, with over 100 years experience integrating high voltage switching equipment, has worked to address this initiative by designing mobile solutions that are specifically tailored to our customer’s unique applications, providing immediate cost savings and reliability to a utility’s network via expedited restoration times and operational flexibility.

Mobile Switching Solutions

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Highly reliable all-in-one mobile switching solutions help you restore power quickly and effectively. Need a complete mobile package? contact us and we will offer you the right solution.

EV-1 Vertical Break Switch and RLSwitcher®

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Southern States LLC, Hampton, GA is proud to announce that both its products EV-1 Vertical Break Switch and RLSwitcher® (Reactor Switcher) at 500kV have passed the IEEE 693 High Performance Level Seismic Test.

ES-1 Transmission Line Switch

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Through Southern States’ research and development, understanding of existing issues, and integration of user feedback, the ES-1 family was designed to provide a reliable, quality product that resolves many of the common issues experienced by one-way and multi-way transmission disconnects.

The unique blade design with jaw end pivot produces a very low operating effort, eliminating concerns of operator dependent force requirements on closing. By shipping the phases assembled on a platform, the switch is easy to install and requires minimal adjustment.

The design is also compatible with the only single gap, Load Break Interrupter (LLS®) available through 145 kV.

ES-1 Transmission Line Switch Installation

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The Southern States ES-1 is a group operated single side break switch designed for phase-over-phase mounting in a transmission environment on steel, wood or concrete poles. Available at 72.5kV through 145kV, the ES-1 is available in 1 way, 2 way or 3 way configurations offering maximum reliability and fast and easy installation. A variety of devices including quick break whips, vacuum interrupters, and SF6 gas interrupters (LLS®-I and LLS®-II) may be mounted on the switch for line dropping, sectionalizing, and load break applications.

Magnetically Actuated Close Indicator (MACI®)

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Southern States’ MACI™ helps verify proper blade depth and rotation of high voltage disconnect switch closures. By adding MACI™ to your new or existing switch applications, you will ultimately reduce the risk for switch failures, power outages, and the high costs associated with such.

MACI® Installation

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MACI® verifies proper depth and rotation of a high voltage disconnect switch blade upon closing. Installation details of this device are shown in this video.

Load & Line Switcher

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Southern States LLS-I Load and Line Interrupter mounted on a Southern States EV-2 group operated disconnect.

Safety Enhanced Gear Operator

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The Safety Enhanced Gear Operator, or SEGO™, providing a dynamic self-locking action with backwards holding torque of 12,000 lb-in (a torque of 12,000 lb-in can be applied to the output shaft and it will not drive the input shaft) preventing back driving of the handle in situations like these, eliminating the safety danger to operating personnel.

Ballisti-Wall® Installation

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Southern States recently launched custom designed ballistic resistant solutions for utilities’ critical facilities and equipment: Ballisti-Wall® and Ballisti-Cover®.

These ballistic barriers prevent damage to critical assets through a surrounding resistant wall panel enclosure that is designed to protect against projectiles. These solutions are constructed by using layer upon layer of woven fiberglass that is encapsulated with a proprietary resin system. This system produces a hard ballistic resistant panel that retains hazardous ricochet.

Original developed for use by the Department of Defense, ballistic protection solutions are military grade protection for critical asset facilities. Ballistic resistant security offers performance advantages such as durability, corrosion resistance, electrical non-conductivity, low thermal conductivity, lightweight, and movable features for easy repairs and installations.

Ballistic resistant solutions are designed for maximum security. With quick and easy installations and integrations surrounding any type of critical facility.

Southern States Product Overview