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Unitized Transmission Switches

Expedited Installation & Field Adjustment

Southern States offers a complete line of unitized disconnect switching solutions to satisfy a variety of market applications. Fully assembled and adjusted from the factory, customers experience reduced costs associated with quick installation times and simplified field assembly and adjustment. The unitized EV-2 and EC-1V have provided solutions for numerous market applications and offer valuable, minimized phase spacing. Interrupter attachments, such as the full load break LLS®, whip attachments, and light duty interrupters are also available for these unitized offerings.

Additional utility benefits include phases that are set and timed at the factory, single pick installation versus craning each phase individually (can cut installation times in half), as well as pre-installed interphase piping, bearings, and outboard arms prior to shipping,

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  • Horizontal or side mount mounting arrangements
  • Configurations available for all switch types
  • Easily accommodates full load break interrupters and other accessories
  • Three-sided NEMA terminal pads for easy conductor terminations
  • Reduced installation time
Max Voltage Rating15.5 kV27 kV 38 kV48.3 kV72.5 kV123 kV145 kV
BIL110 kV150 kV200 kV250 kV350 kV550 kV650 kV

Additional Ratings:

Rated Power Frequency60 hz
Continuous Current1200 A - 3000 A4000 A
Short-Time Withstand (3 sec)63 kA RMS80 kA RMS
Peak Withstand164 kA208 kA
Ambient Temperature Range-40º C to +50º C Standard / -50º C Optional