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Reduce Inrush Current, Voltage Drop, & Increase System Reliability

The Southern States TranSwitcher® is a renewable intertie solution designed specifically for switching and protection of power transformers. Its unique design makes it ideally suited for distribution systems that intertie with solar farms as well as other distributed energy resources. The use of a “soft close” helps to minimize system voltage drops and potential ferro-resonance issues caused by the high inrush currents associated with DER transformer energization. Employing the TranSwitcher® can help utilities increase the life of their transformer as well as maintain system power quality.

Is the inrush mitigation needed for your application?

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  • Inrush mitigation using closing resistors
  • Solid insulation – hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP)
  • Long life vacuum interrupters
  • Optional pole mounting support
  • Magnetic actuators on each phase
  • 304 stainless steel tank
  • High-visibility yellow manual trip and lockout handle
  • High visibility position indicator with 360 degree visibility
Maximum Voltage (kV)* 15.5 27
Continuous Current (A)900
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Basic Insulation Level (kV) 110125
Load Break (A) 900
Optional Symmetrical Interrupting Current (kA) 1612.5
Asymmetric Peak Making Current (kA) 4032.5
Line Charging Current (A) 25
Cable Charging Current (A) 1025
60 Hertz Withstand Voltage (kV):
Dry, One Minute 5060
Wet, Ten Seconds4550
Partial Discharge (corona) (kV): 1019
Maximum (pC)1
Creepage Distances (mm / in):
Terminal to Terminal673 / 26.5876 / 34.5
Lower Terminal to Ground679 / 26.7938 / 36.8
IEC Pollution Class Terminal to GroundVery Heavy
Mechanical Life (Close / Open Operations) 10,000
Ambient Temperature (OC) -30 to +50**

*For 38 kV ratings, consult factory

**For temperatures outside range, consult factory