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Substation in the Sky

Customized, Economic Solutions For Unique Applications

For unique transmission application challenges, Southern States offers specialized solutions. Substation in the Sky is a totally customized application, addressing system protection, sectionalizing, and isolating needs of our customers. Equipment can be tailored to meet a wide range of applications. The Substation in the Sky offers the ability to monitor, communicate system information, and switch transmission lines and taps. When space is at a premium, Southern States can engineer a more economical solution than the traditional practice of building a small substation.
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  • Custom engineered for each application
  • Multiple voltage and current sensing options
  • Wide selection of products for line isolation and equipment bypass
  • Fault or load interrupting devices selected based on application
  • Communication systems matched to customer specifications
Power SwitchingCSV48.3 kV - 242 kV
CSH38 kV - 245 kV
CapSwitcher®15.5 kV - 145 kV
Disconnect Switching EV-215.5 kV - 362 kV
PBO Hooksticks8.3 kV - 170 kV
RDA-138 kV - 362 kV
EC-1 (EC-1V)38 kV - 245 kV