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Horizontal Circuit Switchers

The most versatile and capable Horizontal Interrupter Circuit Switchers in the marketplace today.

The Southern States family of horizontal interrupter circuit switchers are ideally suited for transformer protection on systems with fault currents up to 40 kA. All circuit making and breaking operations are accomplished in SF6, eliminating open air arcs. The horizontal interrupter circuit switcher is available with (Model CSH-B) or without (Model CSH) an integral vertical break switch.

The designs of the CSH(2) and CSH(2)-B are extremely versatile, as they can be mounted in most any orientation including horizontal upright and vertical. They can also be designed to mount on a Southern States supplied support structure or for mounting on a customer supplied or existing structure. The CSH(2)-B is ideal for mobile applications and can be supplied with composite interrupters that allow for pressurized transport without special protective housing.

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  • Makes and breaks circuit in SF– No open air arcs
  • Available with and without vertical break disconnect
  • Visual dielectric indication
  • Can be shipped pressurized when composite housing is specified or protective shields for porcelain housing are utilized
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of mounting positions, structure heights, and phase spacings
  • Ideally suited to upgrade fault interrupting capability of existing horizontal circuit switchers, disconnect switches, and power fuses, reusing the existing structure and foundation.









Choose Voltage Rating:
Max Voltage38 kV48.3 kV72.5 kV123 kV145 kV170 kV
Blade BIL200 kV250 kV300 kV550 kV650 kV750 kV
Temp Range≤ 72.5 kV123 kV145 kV***
PBF 100s-30° C to +50° C20 kA
-40° C to +50° C25 kA20 kA
TLF**-40° C to +50° C4 kA 2.9 kA3.4 kA
Temp Range≤ 72.5 kV123 kV145 kV***170 kV
PBF 100s-40° C to +50° C25 kA20 kA
TLF**-40° C to +50° C4 kA2.9 kA2.3 kA2.7 kA

* Ratings shown are for 1200A. For 1600A, top temperature is +40°C.

** Ratings per IEEE C37.06 (Can also be rated TLF = 4 kA @ 7.6 kV/µs TRV)

*** 145 kV ratings are for grounded systems) (1.3kpp)

**** Consult factory for 2000A or -50°C rating