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High Voltage Mobile Solutions

Get a Competitive Edge with a Mobilized Solutions Trailer

As manufacturers of electrical utility services, Southern States has been developing mobile solutions for decades. Our custom-engineered high voltage solutions are tailored to fit a wide array of applications and infrastructures.

Overall reliability has become a prominent issue in the utility market. Southern States has designed reliable, fast, and cost-effective mobile solutions to offset industry demands for high voltage equipment. Our portable power solutions are custom tailored to access electrical utilities more efficiently than ever before.

It’s time to think of mobile equipment fleets as the ultimate insurance policy. Here at Southern States, we build devices that offer network security, safety solutions, and a wide variety of utility configurations.

Looking for compact and convenient mobile solutions? Request a Quote and let our sales team find the perfect solution.

Mobile Trailer Solutions from Southern States

Our Southern States experts custom engineer, fabricate, design, and assemble mobile trailers for circuit switches, racking mechanisms, turn tables, and more. Mobilized solutions are quick, customized trailers designed to carry Southern States equipment, applications, or any other electrical product.

Portable power solutions are assembled in our private warehouse only a few minutes from our official headquarters. The advanced manufacturing facility utilizes specialized resources and consults local network experts to create the most effective, technological mobile equipment available. The 3-dimensional modeling design software, SolidWorks, is crucial when designing and manufacturing the critical structure of the portable equipment. It allows our experts to efficiently build a sturdy and reliable mobile power solution.

Southern States trailer and skid mounted high voltage solutions can quickly deploy to any location with minimal operator effort and are easily manageable via remote. This allows for safe distances when troubleshooting an electrical utility problem. With our state of the art solutions, quality assurance is guaranteed with professional support through instructions and maintenance manuals.

Main Benefits of High Voltage Mobile Solutions:

  • Quick deployment
  • Simple set up
  • Emergency restoration
  • Small, flexible designs
  • Fits existing substations
  • Ideal for temporary configurations
  • No DOT permitting needed
  • Planned bypass outages
  • Highly adaptable

Customized Applications for Mobile Solutions

Tailor made mobile solutions from Southern States provide electric utility companies with the resources and equipment to solve unique and challenging electrical situations. Our mobilized solutions give a competitive advantage to drive down lead times. Some of the customized features for mobile solutions offered by us here at Southern States are:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Shipping Bracing
  • Transformers
  • Safety Barricading
  • Relays and Controls
  • Grounding Systems
  • Flood Lighting
  • Animal Deterrent Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Arrestors
  • Junction Boxes
  • Remote Control for Operating Distance
  • Outdoor Cabinets
  • Generators
  • Levels and Outriggers

To meet the growing need for increased reliability in the utility market, we offer upgrades for any electrical industry equipment, providing utility companies with the opportunity to utilize advanced, high functioning applications. Contact us for more information about our products or how to upgrade your equipment.