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Low Voltage Thyristor Switched Harmonic Filter

Ultra Fast System for power factor compensation

With full cycle compensation, our Thyristor controlled harmonic filters are the fastest and most reliable in the market.

Electrical loads are becoming faster and more variable. Traditional solutions don’t deliver the expected results. We offer a fast, reliable and affordable option.


Ultra fast – Full 1 cycle compensation

Transient Free – Zero voltage closing for a transient free operation

Scalable – The system is built with a modular design to facilitate power upgrades

Self Diagnose – Reduce maintenance time with a self diagnose feature.

Class A measurement – Optional feature for PQ analysis.

Fewer losses – Less than 0.8%

Brand Southern States
Standards UL 508 / IEC / EN50081-2 / EN50082-2 / EN
Nominal Current kvar 50 – 4,000
Nominal Voltage V 230 / 480 / 690 V
Frequency Hz 50/60
Controller Digital signal processor
Reactors 7%, 14% or tuned
Topology Single phase, three phase or 4 wires
Response Time Cylce >1
Main Protection >Circuit breaker or fuses
Communication RS485 / CAN / Internet

Main Components


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