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Horizontal Line Switchers

Most Versatile and Capable Horizontal Interrupter Line Switchers Available (LSH, LSH-B)

Southern States LSH and LSH-B horizontal interrupter line switchers provide load breaking, loop splitting, and line dropping capabilities for your most critical line switching applications. Additional applications include transformer magnetizing current interrupting and cable switching. All circuit making and breaking operations are accomplished in SF6, eliminating open air arcs. The horizontal interrupter line switcher is available with (Model LSH-B) or without (Model LSH) an integral vertical break switch. Both models can be supplied with either a manual operator or motor operator.

The LSH and the LSH-B are also well suited for such special purpose applications as series reactor or capacitor bank bypass switching.

The design of the LSH and LSH-B is extremely versatile and can be mounted in most any orientation including horizontal upright, vertical, and underhung (LSH only) positions. It can also be designed to mount on a Southern States supplied support structure or for mounting on a customer supplied or existing structure.

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  • Circuit makes and breaks inside the interrupter – No open air arcs
  • Reduced maintenance and longer life for increased line switching duty
  • Available with and without vertical break disconnect
  • Visual dielectric indication
  • Fault close rating of 40 kA
  • Single gap interrupters provide full BIL without the need for an integral disconnect switch or voltage grading resistors/capacitors
  • Simple, easy erection minimizes field installation time required — all kV ratings ship with the insulators factory assembled and adjusted as standard
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of mounting positions, structure heights, and phase spacings

Design Characteristics

Maximum Voltage38kV48.3kV72.5kV123kV145kV170kV245kV
BIL (kV)
CSH-B Disconnect BIL (kV)200250350550650750
Continuous Current1200 A & 1600 A
Load Current Interrupting1200 A & 1600 A
Loop Current Interrupting1200 A & 1600 A
Line Charging Current Interrupting600 A for allkV ratings
Fault Close Ratings10 time 40 kA, 15 time 31.5 kA, 30 time 20 kA
Ambient Temperature Range-40°C to +50°C standard for 38kV through 170kV
-30°C to +50°C standard for 245kV
-40°C to +50°C optional for 245kV
-50°C to +50°C optional for allkV ratings