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Capacitor Switching Technologies

Application Specific Devices for Shunt Capacitor Bank Switching

Because switching shunt capacitors places stress on the system, the capacitors, and the switching device, a utility should look for a reliable, cost effective, and long-life solution that is specifically designed to mitigate voltage and current transients. Many existing switching methodologies, such as applications of arrestors, inrush reactors, controlled voltage switching devices, pre-insertion resistors, and pre-insertion inductors, utilize general purpose devices that may ultimately reduce the intrinsic performance when switching capacitor banks.

The Southern States CapSwitcher®, a high voltage capacitor switching device specifically designed for re-strike free switching of capacitor banks, is a reliable, long-life SF6 capacitor switch that utilizes closing resistors for mitigating voltage transients and current inrush. For utilities, this device can offer significant improvement in product life and reliability.

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