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100 Years of Innovation

In the 100 years that Southern States has loyally served our employees, community, and clients, we have been a force of creativity and enterprise. Our business, which was responsible for the repair and service of electrical equipment such as motors and transformers, began in 1916 with the investment of our six founding members. From our humble beginnings in Birmingham, Alabama after the Industrial Revolution to the development of ground-breaking technology, our story is one of resolve and ingenuity. We have held fast to our core values, while endeavoring to both grow and adapt our business to the current needs of the industry.

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Even in the earliest days, our employees were eager to demonstrate their knowledge and skill. In 1924 Southern States was behind the development of the SS dropout, or cutout, fuse. During WWII, we earned the Army-Navy “E” for excellence in manufacturing of munitions. In 1970, Southern States built our foundry in Hampton to meet the growing demand in the electronics industry. During a period of economic growth in the 1990s, we created the EV-2 Vertical Break Switch, which became the industry-preferred standard.

By then, we had established ourselves as a reliable and resourceful business, and shortly thereafter the Itaipu Dam Project awarded us a contract to supply and supervise the commissioning of equipment. Meeting or exceeding regulations, Southern States worked diligently in the following years to develop seismically and thermally practical technology to promote industry standards. We have designed special purpose products for the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant, Coal Strip Project, Pacific DC Intertie, Quebec New England Transmission Project, and many more.

Through 100 years of business, we have remained steadfast and supported the industry and our family of customers and employees. We have made and will continue to make improvements in response to the demand for power, the urgent need to improve the reliability of utility transmission and distribution systems, and the shift away from fossil fuels.


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