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An Innovative Switching Solution for Solar Utility Interties

Utilities tasked with frequent switching of their power transformers need a reliable, application specific device that can improve long-life performance while minimizing voltage drops and high inrush currents during energization. The Southern States TranSwitcher®, a device designed specifically for transformer protection and switching, uses closing resistors to create a “soft close” that eliminates power quality problems, effectively reduces ferroresonance during energization, and increases the life of the transformer. With the recent growth of renewable energy generation, Southern States was able to apply this same design concept to utility-scale solar projects, which utilize a transformer for energy transfer between the renewable source and the utility’s grid. Easy to use and install, utilities will find the solution to be cost-effective relative to other available market options. For specification details on the Southern States TranSwitcher®, download our flyer to the right.


Discover How Innovative Switching Can Support Power Quality Maintenance & Energy Cost Savings For Solar Integrated Systems


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