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Smart Sectionalizer

An Economical Solution for Fault Isolation & System Reliability

The Southern States Smart Sectionalizer™, type SLS, is an economical, distribution class vacuum switching device that offers improved reliability to a distribution system. Using the SEL 2411 programmable automation controller, along with the integrated voltage and current sensors, the type SLS can be integrated into a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to detect a fault, notify the SCADA Distribution Management System (DMS), and execute the SCADA DMS command to open or close the switch, confining outages to smaller segments on a line. This can drastically improve restoration and outage times when there is a loss of power.

This solid insulation device utilizes hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP) to offer superior performance and reliability in harsh outdoor conditions. Additionally, it comes standard with a magnetic actuator mechanism, 304 stainless steel mechanism tank, as well as an amber LED fault indicator light on the bottom of the switch.

The vacuum switching device is also compatible with other manufacturers protection relays that can offer recloser functionalities. These include the SEL 351R4, SEL 651RA, and SEL 651R2.

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  • Solid insulation – hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP)
  • Long life vacuum interrupters
  • Magnetic actuators on each phase
  • Three (3) current sensors and Six (6) capacitive LEA voltage sensors
  • 304 stainless steel mechanism tank
  • High-visibility yellow manual trip and lockout handle
  • High-visibility position indicator with 360° visibility
  • Amber LED fault indicator light

Control Cabinet:

  • SEL-2411 programmable automation controller
  • 120 V AC / 24 V DC converter
  • Hygrotherm – To control temperature and humidity
  • Local / remote switch with open / close push buttons
  • Single 24 V, 10 AH, 10-year lithium ion battery
  • SCADA points for Fault indication
  • Provisions for customer supplied radio
  • MOV surge protection
  • Duplex receptacle
  • Stainless steel – NEMA 3R box painted ANSI 70 Grey

Maximum Voltage (kV) 15.5 27 38
Continuous Current (A)630 / 800 / 900
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Basic Insulation Level (kV) 110 / 150150 / 170170
Load Break (A) 630 / 800 / 900
Symmetrical Interrupting Current (kV) 12.5 / 16
Asymmetric Peak Making Current (kA) 42
Magnetizing Current (A) 22
Line Charging Current (A) 25
Cable Charging Current (A) 102540
60 Hertz Withstand Voltage (kV):
Dry, One Minute 506070
Wet, Ten Seconds455060
Partial Discharge (corona) (kV): 101926
Maximum (pC)1
Creepage Distances (mm / in):
Terminal to Terminal673 / 26.5876 / 34.51160 / 45.7
Lower Terminal to Ground679 / 26.7938 / 36.91500 / 59.1
IEC Pollution Class Terminal to GroundVery Heavy
Mechanical Life (Close / Open Operations) 10,000
Ambient Temperature (OC) -30 to +40