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Distribution Automation Solutions

Economical Solutions for Fault Isolation & Improved System Reliability

Southern States’ Distribution Automation Devices are economical, vacuum switching solutions that offer greater reliability to a distribution system. Their configurable designs can be deployed by utilities as a sectionalizer or a recloser. Controls are available with SEL 751, 351R, 651RA, 651R2, or Beckwith M7679 programmable automation controllers.

Vacuum interrupters housed in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy (HCEP) offer superior performance and reliability in harsh outdoor conditions. Standard features include 304 stainless steel construction, a 360° field of view position indicator, as well as an amber LED fault indicator light on the bottom of the position indicator

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Sectionalizer / Recloser 

  • Better Standard electrical ratings: 900A load break, 16kA Symmetrical Interrupt
  • HCEP encapsulated vacuum interrupters
  • Painted 304 stainless steel tank & cabinet
  • 360° fault indication light
  • Six built-in voltage sensors
  • Standard five year warranty
  • Ganged and triple single (single tank) available

Control Cabinet:

  • Available with SEL-2411, 751, 351R, 651R2, or Beckwith M7679 programmable automation controllers
  • Hygrotherm – To control temperature and humidity
  • Relay bypass open/close push buttons
  • Standard 10-year lithium ion battery
  • Provisions for customer supplied radio
  • MOV surge protection
  • Duplex receptacle

Maximum Voltage (kV) 15.5 27 38 *
Continuous Current (A)900
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Basic Insulation Level (kV) 110150170
Load Break (A) 900
Symmetrical Interrupting Current (kA) 1612.516
Asymmetric Peak Making Current (kA) 4032.540
Line Charging Current (A) 25
Cable Charging Current (A) 102540
60 Hertz Withstand Voltage (kV):
Dry, One Minute 506070
Wet, Ten Seconds455060
Creepage Distances (mm / in):
Terminal to Terminal673 / 26.5876 / 34.51160 / 45.7
Lower Terminal to Ground679 / 26.7938 / 36.91500 / 59.0
Mechanical Life (Close / Open Operations) 10,000
Ambient Temperature (OC) -30 to +60 **

*Consult factory for 38 kV applications & availability

** At ambient temperatures above 40°C, continuous current rating equals 630A