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Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filters – Old

We offer the best service and lead time in MV reactive power equipment.

Our vast experience designing and supplying medium voltage Harmonic Filters and Capacitor Banks will ensure a reliable and safe operation.

Available options

Open rack

The most widely used solution

Metal Enclosed

Easy installation and customizable solution


Plug & play and stackable solution


Renewable Generations, Transmission & Distribution

Open Rack capacitor banks and harmonic filters using Southern States CapSwitcher® are most widely used solution among renewable energy generation sites.

Steel Industry

We are experts in MV harmonic filters design for steel industry.

Harmonic content and filter tuning is not an easy task for steel processing loads. Our vast experience will assure optimal performance and safety.

Heavy Industry

Open Rack solutions are cost-effective for applications with large. steady-state reactive power compensation requirements.

Our solutions are equipped with CapSwitcher®

The most reliable voltage and current transient suppression device

  • Transient free operation
  • Designed and tested for restrike- free
  • Eliminates the need for inrush reactors
  • SF6 design for a more reliable operation
  • Hidden