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Rapid Restoration Solutions


Custom designed for the long term storage of High Voltage Equipment, the PowerBox, is ideally suited for secure storage of critical material so that when an emergency occurs, the required material is available for immediate dispatch. The customized 20′ or 40′ unit can be configured to hold complete Southern States high voltage disconnect switches, 345kV / 550kV RLSwitcher® reactor, switching devices or 345kV CapSwitcher® along with any special tools required for installation. When a requirement arises, just load the unit on a truck and deliver to the site knowing that all the needed material will be available. They are reusable.


Some of the features that are easily integrated into the PowerBox design include:

  • 110 V single phase electrical system
  • Pre-wired for telephone and cellular communication
  • Hydraulic and manual lifts to make equipment access and movement easy for a 2-man team
  • Environmental control units for heating and cooling
  • Ballistic lining for security
  • Workstation with installation instructions


PowerBox can also be custom configured for other applications. Design in cooperation with Pitbull Containers, inc.