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Southern States is pleased to announce our partnership with Vacuum Electric Switch Company, providing users a better alternative for maintaining or enhancing their Joslyn Hi-Voltage equipment installed base. Vacuum Electric Switch has been manufacturing and continuously improving vacuum switch designs for more than 20 years, with a focus on upgrading and replacing Joslyn Hi-Voltage switches. Their vacuum switch range is from 15kV – 242kV, 600-3000A. This interchangeability offers existing Joslyn customers the ability to upgrade or drop in a new VES product without having to make any changes to their existing structure.

Southern States continues to recommend the best in class CapSwitcher® and RLSwitcher® but recognizes that there are applications where vacuum may be the preferred customer choice. The addition of the Vacuum Electric Switch Company product positions Southern States as a leading solution provider for application specific solutions.

Southern States, as part of this partnership, will take the lead in the sales and marketing of VES products into the Utility market. The switches offered are designed, manufactured and exclusively warranted by Vacuum Electric Switch Company.

For more information, download our full news release HERE.