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Phase-Over-Phase Side Break Switch with Interrupter Attachments

One way, two way and more phase over phase switches are used in transmission lines to isolate and segment the system. These configurations are used in restricted Right Of Way lines where a substation is too expensive.

Segmenting the system requires switches that can break loop current and drop lines. Traditionally this has been done by switches sharing a single multi gap vacuum interrupter and/or whip. These highly mechanical designs have been unreliable and cause of multiple outages, require excessive maintenance and experience a high number of SAIDI, SAIFI minutes.

Many utilities have switched to independent single gap SF6 interrupters for this application. These multiple way switches are simpler to install and adjust, significantly improving the operational reliability.

Watch our installation video for the ES-1 phase-over-phase transmission line switch with LLS® I interrupter

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ES-1 phase-over-phase with LLS® I interrupter

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One way, two way or three way Phase-over-phase, phase-opposite-phase, and pole top applications with ES-1 side break switch.  Available with motor operator, stored energy motor operator, gear operator, or a swing handle operator.

  • Single gap SF6 interrupters insure disturbance-free switching of lines and loops in transmission lines
  • 1000 operations means long-life performance
  • Small package size
  • Simple toggle mechanism has low operating effort
  • Epoxy interrupter housing minimizes device’s weight and does not break down or track under the UV rays of the sun
Maximum Voltage Rating 72.5 kV - 145 kV
Continous Current Rating 1200 A, 2000 A
Line Dropping Capability 70 A
Loop Splitting Capability 1200 A, 2000 A (30 kV TRV Max)
Number of Operations 1000
Ambient Temperature Range -40 ° to +50 ° C Standard

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