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Switching reactors can impose a severe duty on the connected system, switching device, and shunt reactor. Due to the relatively small inductive current, the interrupting device attempts to clear at a forced current zero causing current chopping. If the interrupter’s contacts have not separated enough to sustain the system voltage, a re-ignition of the arc will occur. These high magnitude and high frequency re-ignitions can shorten the life of the reactor and the switching device. The Southern States’ RLSwitcher®, with its’ patented interrupter design, has helped satisfied customers minimize the probability and magnitude of these harmful re-ignitions since 2010. 



Southern States' success has recently led to the development of our new RLS38T, an RLSwitcher® designed specifically for transformer Tertiary connected shunt reactors rated 15.5 kV and 38 kV. The RLS38T's unique contact set helps address the need for high switching current (up to 3000A) required at lower voltages. By minimizing re-ignitions and maintaining contact life, it provides increased life and reliability for utilities. For more information, please take a moment to visit our published news release HERE




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The Southern States RLSwitcher® reactor switching device is the first product designed specifically for reactor switching of medium high voltage shunt reactors.

Key features of this product include:

  • Special nozzle/contact design resulting in very low probability of re-ignitions
  • Reduced turn-to-turn stress on reactor
  • Increased reactor life
  • Patented Interrupter minimizes probability and magnitude of re-ignitions
  • Reduced Turn-to-Turn voltage stress on reactor windings
  • Simplified design improves reliability
  • Local visual indication of gas pressure provided by color coded temperature compensated gas gauge
  • Common gas system with gas density switch with low pressure alarm and low pressure lockout for remote status monitoring
  • Compact design can fit is tight spaces
  • Makes and breaks circuit in SF6
  • Single mechanism spring-open, spring-close mechanism provides reliable long-life performance
  • Fully assembled and tested at the factory
  • Ships with minimum dis-assembly to minimize installation time

Reactor Switching Ratings

Maximum Voltage Reactor Switching Current Shunt Reactor Rating
38 kV 1600 A 105 Mvar
72.5 kV 539 A 67 Mvar


Additional Ratings

Maximum Voltage Rating (kV) 38 72.5
Continuous Current Rating 1600 A 1200 A
Power Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
BIL (kV) 200 350
Short Circuit Breaking Current 25 kA 36 kA
Interrupting Time 5 cycles 3 cycles
Short-Time Withstand 25 kA (3 sec) 40 kA (3 sec)
Short-Circuit Making 25 kA 40 kA
Peak Withstand 62.5 kA 104 kA
Insulator Design Porcelain Porcelain
Ambient Temperature Range -40º C to +50º C -30º C to +50º C

Reactor Switching Ratings

Maximum Voltage Reactor Switching Current Shunt Reactor Rating
245 kV 630 A 267 Mvar
362 kV 630 A 395 Mvar
550 kV 440 A 400 Mvar


Additional Ratings

Maximum Voltage Rating (kV) 245 362 550
Continuous Current Rating 630 A 630 A 440 A
Power Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
BIL (kV) 900 1300 1800
Short Circuit Breaking Current NA NA NA
Interrupting Time 3 cycles 3 cycles 3 cycles
Short-Time Withstand 40 kA (3 sec), 63 kA (18 cycles)
Short-Circuit Making 63 kA 63 kA 63 kA
Peak Withstand 164 kA 164 kA 164 kA
Insulator Design Composite Composite Composite
Ambient Temperature Range -30º C to +50º C -40º C to +50º C -40º C to +50º C

Consult factory for 123kV-170kV applications

Reactor Switching Ratings

Maximum Voltage Rating (kV)

Minimum Reactor Switching Current (A)

Maximum Reactor Switching Current (A)
15.5  1000  2000 
15.5  1000 
38  500  1600


Additional Ratings

Maximum Voltage Rating (kV)15.538
Continuous Current Rating (A) 2000 | 3000 * 1600
Power Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60
Ligthting Impulse Withstand 200 200
Short-time Withstand Current (kA/sec) 40/2 40/2
Peak Withstand Current (kA) 108 108
Short Circuit Making Current (kA rms/kA peak) 40/108 40/108
Creepage Distance (mm) 1842 1842
Ambient Temperature Range * -40ºC to +50º C -40º Cto +50º C


* At ambient temperatures greater than +40º C to +50º C the 15 kV, 3000 A design has a maximum continuous current rating of 2700 A.

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