Innovative products from experts in the power industry.

Southern States offers a wide selection of products and services for switching and protection of electrical power transmission and distribution systems.


Our innovative products are designed to meet specific industry needs. Not only are you getting the simpler, innovative solution, our products can help to improve the efficiency and useful life of your entire system by eliminating undesired effects caused by misapplied equipment.


Ballistic Resistant Products

Southern States recently launched custom designed ballistic resistant solutions for utilities' critical facilities and equipment.


Capacitor and Reactor Switchers

Reactive power compensation is not only a critical component of the electrical power transmission grid, but increasingly scrutinized and mandated. Southern States special purpose switchers have been so well accepted that CapSwitchers and RLSwitchers are asked for by name at many utilities and power generators.


Circuit Switchers

A Southern States circuit switcher is more likely to fit in your substation application better than anyone else's. The many versatile designs can even be adapted to existing structures saving the cost of new foundations or special structures can be designed to incorporate other devices like CT's or switches. And the CSH is becoming the switcher of choice for mobile substations.x


Disconnect Switches

For 90 years, Southern States has built a reputation for quality and reliability in air disconnect switches. Now, with many investments in innovation and performance, the extremely broad and diverse switch lines are improved and available for more and more extreme applications.


Power Fuses

Power Fuses from Southern States have the ratings you need and robustness which can save you money. And there is no better equipped or experienced company to provide switch-fuse combinations.



A high voltage sensor system providing monitoring and fault detection and diagnosis technology to provide a trip signal to a switching or protection device. Available with digital or analog output.


Smart Solutions

Southern States' Automation Division provides SMART solutions, enabled by the ICS™ Intelligent Circuit Sensor, for transmission and substation networks and equipment that lead to system operation improvement.


Switch Accessories

Either included as components of group operated switches at the same time of purchase, or purchased separately, Southern States accessory equipment is engineered and manufactured to the same exact standards we apply to all our other products.


Parts & Services

Southern States extensive experience in switching makes it a natural and winning choice for servicing your substation switching devices. We offer a broad range of services from parts and maintenance for the broadest range of switches (even old competitors) to major retrofit projects.