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Transmission Smart Grid - A Smart Grid Oversight?

Smart Grid is a name that has been given to describe the modernization of the transmission and distribution grids with the goal of increasing reliability, integrating multiple energy sources, and conserving energy. This involves a greater use of renewable energy sources, real-time monitoring and automation of power flow, as well as more active conservation efforts by the actual user of the power.

While most of the buzz has been on Smart Meters and Distribution Automation, there is a growing interest on improving the availability of real time information on the status of the Transmission system. Real time monitoring of transmission grid conditions will enable optimal use of a variety of generation sources (including renewables) as well as enable the location and isolation of network problems, improving system reliability. Little work has been done in this area to date due to the lack of affordable technology that enables the measurement and communication of transmission line data.

Transmission / Distribution Network


Example: If a fault occurs at a tap on a transmission line, a smart grid would have the ability to quickly identify where the fault occurred, isolate the faulted cable, and restore power to the customer by rerouting power through systems not damaged during the outage. To make this happen, measuring / monitoring device(s) would need to be strategically placed on the transmission line that could monitor current magnitude and directional flow (shown as green boxes in the diagram below).


To fill this "Information Void" Southern States has developed the CMD&tradeII – Transmission Line Monitor which is capable of measuring system behavior that can be used to: Maximize system capacity, Reduce Line Fault Incidents, Reduce time to restoration, and Monitor line load.

Key Features Include:

  • No Solid Insulation to Ground
  • Very Low energy Requirement – No batteries
  • Continuous Data Stream with Monitored Parameters
  • Encrypted spread spectrum technology


Integration of the CMD II into the existing transmission network control scheme is the next step towards having a Transmission "Smart Grid"


  • by Southern States
  • May 21, 2010


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