Working to solve real industry problems.

Southern States has patented several products brand new to the industry that solve real industry problems for everyday applications.


Using the same equipment for multiple applications causes the same problems over and over again. We have patented 16 products over the last 10 years, most of which are brand new to the industry and solve real industry problems where, until now, suboptimal equipment has been used in applications it was not designed for. We also specialize in apply leading technologies to your specific purpose.


Capacitor Bank

We manufacture capacitor switching devices using technology to reduce system voltage when switching medium and high voltage shunt capacitor banks.


Reactor Switching

Switching devices are designed to dissipate the energy of an arc across the contacts and the small associated transient voltage disturbance.


Switch Interrupter Attachments

Growing system loads and increased demand for reliability has led to an increased usage of switch mounted attachments that can add loop splitting, line dropping, and load dropping capabilities to the switching device depending upon the device selected.


Transformer Protection and Switching

Transformer switching causes inrush currents that may damage the transformer and create local power quality problems. Resistor insertion prior to closing into the transformer will minimize these problems and enhance transformer life.


Transmission Reliability Improvement

SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) minutes quickly expand as you try to locate the fault on a multi tap transmission line. The use of the Smart TAP® technology with CMD® II for current measurement and fault directionality allows the utility to isolate the fault with the first reclose.


Circuit Isolation

Long term reliability of the device is paramount when choosing disconnect switches. It is a safety device.


Transmission Line Circuit Isolation

One way, two way and more phase over phase switches are used in transmission lines to isolate and segment the system.


Power Factor Correction

We manufacture capacitor switching devices using power factor correction technology to bring about the most efficient transmission of power.


Substation Security Solutions

Protective ballistic solutions offer continuous threat resistant protection for substation equipment and critical assets.

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